Improving Home Energy Efficiency

As a full-service home performance contractor, Green Home Solutions uses a Whole House approach to increase energy efficiency. Through home energy assessments and improvements, we help you reduce monthly utility costs and live in healthier, more comfortable houses.

Homeowners can choose from our suite of individual services or bundled energy upgrade packages, which include essential items like weatherization, duct repair, insulation and HVAC.

Reduce, Then Produce

Once we reduce energy load, we can explore the option of clean, renewable energy production, including zero down on solar panel equipment and installation.

Our team of financing experts can help organize loan packages for Whole House energy improvements, combined with the latest tax credits and utility rebates that will further reduce costs in the short and long terms.

The goal is home energy efficiency, and our policy is we sell you what you need, not what we have.

Real Estate Agents and Lenders: Joining the Green Home Team

Along with working directly with homeowners, Green Home Solutions is proud to team up with real estate agents and lenders who want to help their clients purchase and live in energy efficient houses.

We are your single-source partner providing home energy upgrades and the smart financing solutions that help you attract new business and reach out to previous clients with a compelling value proposition - cheaper utility bills, greater comfort, cleaner indoor air.

  • Find out about our incentive programs for real estate professionals.
  • Add Energy Efficient Mortgages to your arsenal of financing options.
  • Stake you claim in the green home marketplace.

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